My Story

I joined Sentsy in August 2012 after hearing how great it is from my friend Lisa.  Before joining, I had just purchased my first plug-in and Welcome Home bar..  I hadn't even tried it before I jumped on board and joined Nelli's team! Lisa is a huge fan of Scentsy, and I had to find out what all the fuss was about!   After getting that first plug-in I could see, or should I say smell exactly what she was talking about!!   Since joining, I have had the opportunity to introduce my family, friends and co-workers to the amazing experience that is Scentsy!    (I have to say... I have the BEST customers!!)   I have one daughter, she is in college and candles are not allowed in the dorms, Scentsy was the perfect option for her--and she is quickly adding to her Scentsy Collection (Pretty soon she will have as much as Lisa!!)     I was born and raised in Babbitt, Mn and moved to St Cloud in the late 80's. I continue to live in St Cloud with my husband.   I look forward to sharing the Scentsy experience with you!   Contact me with any questions or to book your party!<!--endbody-->